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If you need it moved, Armstrong has what it takes



Armstrong Rigging Service - Rigging Services in New Brighton, MN
Since day one in 1979, Armstrong Crane and Rigging has served the Utility and Heavy Industrial sectors with expert Rigging Crews and the specialized equipment to handle your move the right way. With Hydraulic Slide Systems to 500-Ton, and on site Heavy Haul to 300-Ton, plus an array of equipment to move anything in between, we specialize in Transformers, Turbines, Generators, Breakers, Chillers, and Boilers, just to name a few.

Available equipment

  • 400 Ton Hydraulic Slide System
  • 400 Ton Hydraulic Jack Systems
  • Various Pipe Stands
  • Prime Mover
  • Shuerle Hydraulic Platform Trailer
  • Winch Tractors
  • Miscellaneous Tractors, Dropdecks, and Lowboys
  • Rough Terrain Telehandlers
  • Riggers Lifts to 20,000#
  • Various crane and access mats
  • Heavy Rigging and Speader Bar Systems
  • Well outfitted Rigging Trucks